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keratin treatment for Hair Straightening- Review, Benefits & Side- Effects


keratin hair straightening treatment

Are you looking for hair straightening? and suggested for Keratin Hair straightening treatment? Now, you must have many questions in mind regarding Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment. Your salon lady has told many facts about the benefits of  Keratin Hair  Treatment for curly hair. But with the benefits, you should be aware about the side-effects of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment.

What is Keratin Treatment and How it Works?

Hair Keratin treatment is very popular these days due to its long lasting impact even on very curly hair. It is most preferred for very curly, dry and frizzy hair. There are various types of Keratin Treatment is available such as Brazilian, Soft Keratin, Japzilian Keratin and Keratin Express. Although Brazillian Keratin Treatment is most preferred. In this method various keratin products are applied on hair and heat of a flat iron is given.

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Benefits of Keratin Treatment 

To have straight hair like your favorite Bollywood actresses is dream of every girl. These days top Bollywood Actresses Like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai had created buzz for straight hair. But sometimes hair straightening may be disaster if you don’t use right products and treatment.Keratin Hair Treatment is solution for straight hair related problem. It is best solution to get rid of frizzy hair. But, there are some keratin treatment side effects, which are explained below.

Complete Look

Some women have very frizzy hair. So they are mainly concerned that they would be able to get straight look. Complete hair straightening look can be achieved by Keratin Treatment comparatively less time.

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Less Time Taking

Some treatment takes very long time. But in Keratin Hair straightening blow and dry became half. It shows results even in very less time.

Provides Keratin 

Our hair suffers from lack of protein due to environmental pollution , lack of nutrition and age. It can make hair rough and dry. Very few know that our hair is made from Keratin. In this treatment, protein is provided to hair. So hair restores natural shine and beauty. It is hassle free styling process that can give stylish hair in very less time.

Lack of protein also causes hair breakage and increases the frizziness. Keratin hair straightening treatment is the solution of all these problems.

Keratin Treatment Duration 

It is very commonly asked question when going for hair straightening. The duration of hair straightening is important factor while choosing the type of product and treatment. Keratin hair straightening treatment duration is 1/2 to 2 Months.

More Facts about the Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment 

There are many hidden facts related to keratin hair straightening treatment side effects and benefits. Some hair stylist finds it best method to repair damage hair. Although this treatment is effective for very frizzy and damaged hair. If you have normal hair then look for other treatments.

It is said to be that use of iron may cause hair breakage and damage. Some hair stylist believes that it restores the natural ingredients of hair and make them smooth and strong. Although, you should first consult with Hair Expert regarding the suitability of hair for Keratin straightening treatment.

Keratin Products are source of formaldehyde which causes many health problems. However, Keratin products show safe level. For this, you should talk to the saloon owner.

Keratin Treatment Before and After Impact

You can see vast difference in before and after of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment. Your dry, frizzy, curl hair will get completely different look. After this treatment, you can enjoy beautiful, shinny and straight hair. You will always find yourself party ready. You will surrounded by lots of compliments whenever you go.

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