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How to Get Beautiful and Healthy Hair?

You must have heard the appreciation of girls with beautiful hair. Every girl wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. But sometimes you destroy the beauty of your hair by own. It is required to give special care to get healthy hair. Effective tips for healthy hair are as follows:-

Hair Cleaning:-  Clean your hair properly at least two times in a week. Don’t let your hair dirty. Avoid the contact of dust. Dirt in hair may cause dandruff and damaging. Cover your hair properly whenever going outside to avoid dust.  During winters, we start avoiding hair washing due to cold. This is the time, when can cause huge damage to skin.

Avoid Comb on Wet Hair:-  Don’t comb on wet hair. Let your hair dry properly then only comb and go for hair styling.

Right Hair Style:-  Right hair style is also very important to keep hair healthy. Sometimes by doing tight pony on regular basis or too much hair styling may damage hair.

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Hair Protection:-  To keep hair healthy avoid hair from sun, wind and pollution. These factors may cause hair damage. As already mentioned above cover your hair properly whenever going outside.

Use of Products:- Right choice of products is necessary for the healthy hair. Choose organic products for hair wash and conditioning. These days many organic products are floating into market. Although only some of the brands are ruling. You can choose the one with best reviews. Avoid harsh shampoo to prevent damage. Some shampoos make hair to look beautiful and shinny while some damage hair entirely.

Healthy Hair Diet:-  Take Healthy diet and lots of fruit to get healthy and beautiful hair.

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Lifestyle:- Poor lifestyle is main factor behind the hair damage.  Less sleep, unhealthy eating habits, smoking addiction may also impact hair health.

Oiling:-  Oil your hair before wash two times in a week. You can select oil as per hair type or problem. For example- Use Jarbandi oil for hair fall, coconut oil for nourishment.

Hair Mask:- Use best suitable hair mask as per skin type. There are various kinds of hair mask are available in market as per skin type.

Hair Conditioning:-  Use moisturizing condition after every hairs. Don’t avoid conditioner otherwise hair may get frizzy. Conditioner helps in treatment of dry hair .

Avoid Hot Water:-  Avoid hot water for your hair. Hot water may cause damage. As hot, also stay away from cold water. Use normal temperature water for hair wash.

Let the Hair Take Breath:-  Let your hair take breath while sleeping. So open your hair properly before going to sleep. Styling at bed time is harmful for hair.

Use Henna:-  Use of henna or mehandi is necessary to get healthy hair. It is good if you use henna once in a week. In case of shortage of time, you can apply henna once in 15 days.

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Avoid Hair Styling:- Hair styling like curling or straightening, too much heat is applied which cause damage and fizzy hair. It also causes hair dryness because heat takes away moisture content of hair. Avoid hair styling as much as you can.

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Dry Hair Naturally: – Do you use dryer or towel to dry hair after washing? Avoid it, otherwise may harm your hair. Let hair dry naturally. Use of dryer or rubbing with towel can speed up hair drying after wash. On the hand also speed up the hair break and fall.

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Hair Colouring:-  Hair colouring looks beautiful but sometimes consequences are worse. It may cause hair dryness and damage. So it is advised to avoid hair colouring for the healthy hair.

Trimming:-  Trimming helps in getting rid of split hair. Trim your hair once in month. You can go to parlour for proper trimming. You can also take hair cutting to avoid spilt hair from the edges.

Hair Spa:- Go for Hair Spa for healthy hair once in a month. Hair spa keeps hair soft, shinny and beautiful.

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Use Clean Pillow:-  You are following all hair care tips but if your pillow is not clean then all your efforts may get waste. Always use clean pillow cover to avoid hair damage or fall. Your bed sheet should also be clean. Also clean hair bands or pins properly.


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