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Best Summer Beauty Products- Summer Makeup Tips

summer-makeup-products (2)
summer makeup products (2)

Heat is on the head after the chilling winter. So now it is time to change make routine to get your favorite look. It can be done by picking the right summer makeup and beauty products. Summer is the time when skin becomes oily and dark due to tanning. But it is not necessary because you can enjoy the winter like glow by opting the right summer makeup products. 

Summer Makeup Tips and Beauty Products

Here is must have summer makeup and beauty products to keep glowing all the time.

1- Sunscreen

2- Skin Whitening cream

3-Aloevera Gel or Night Cream

4- Lip Balm with Spf

5- Kajal 

6- Lipstick with Spf

7- Hair Mask

8- Anti-Tanning Body Lotion

9- Body Scrub

10-Mild face scrub


Must have product for summer makeup kit. Wherever you are going, never forget to put sunscreen. Many girls assume that the sun cannot impact while they cover face with the scarf. But ladies, harmful UV rays of the sun can impact skin even from inside the scarf. Sun exposure even for a second can fade natural glow. So put sunscreen on face even indoor. 

Skin Whitening Cream

You should apply skin whitening cream for the entire year. But during summers, skin is more prone of darkness because of tanning. Skin whitening cream removes tanning and brightens skin. You can also try home remedies to remove tanning. Anti-tanning home ingredients like lemon, cucumber are more effective than any other product. First apply sunscreen then skin whitening cream while going outside.

 Night Cream

Many girls apply night cream before going to bed,. Night cream makes skin soft and rejuvenating. It is important to apply night creams both during summers and winters. In summers, our skin get more tired and dull in comparison to winters. Night cream is one of the most essential makeup and beauty product for summers. 

Aloevera Gel

Aloevera gel is important beauty ingredient for all seasons. Aloe vera gel is boon for skin during summers when skin is more prone to dullness and tanning. It is one stop solution for skin problems during summers. Although you cannot use aloevera gel as make up product for summers. Apply it before going to bed.

Lipbalm with Spf

Lip is vey important part of our face.But most of you ignore the lip care. Every girl wants to get pink lips. but very few of us do lip care as skin care. It can be beauty blunder if you are not taking care of lips especially during summers, But this is the time when lips are prone to darkness and tanning. So it is very important to apply lipbalm with spf before going outside.  Check the list of best Lips Balms in India . In this list, you can also view lip balm with spf.


Kajal is evergreen make up product. Suitable for hottest month summer. Makes you to look hot and refreshing during summers as well. Although main issue with Kajal during summers is smudging. So prefer to take sumdge free kajal. 

Eye Liner

Like the Kajal, eye liner is evergreen makeup and beauty product. You can use the same brand of eye liner for all the seasons. 

Lipstick with SPF

Many beauty brands are offering lipstick with SPF. Such lipsticks  gives ravishing look as well as protect lips during summers. Lipsticks with SPF is most essential makeup product during summers. All top brands like Lakme, Colorbar, Lotus Herbals, Revlon are offering lipsticks with SPF. 

Hair Serums

During summers, wind can make hair rough and frizzy. So not only face but also cover hair while going outside. UV rays of sun can even damage hair.Do the proper oiling to fight with the frizness of hair during summers. Apply hair.

Anti- Tanning Body Lotion

Apply anti tanning body lotion before going outiside in summers. Apply lotion on different body parts like hand, leg, neck etc. Like the face, try to cover body before going outside in summers. Pick anti tanning body lotion as skin type from normal to dry.

Nail Paint

Nail paint is make up essential for summers. You can try variety of nail colors for entire summers. You can also try nail art to have refreshing look in hot summers.

Gulab Jal

Always gubal jal in summer make up kit. You can get a refreshing look after long tired day by cleaning face with gulab jal.

Now your summer make up kit is ready. Go wherever, put this kit with you to enjoy instant refreshing look all the time.

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