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How to Get Rid of Chapped or Dry Lips Naturally?


You can get rid of chapped or dry lips naturally by using various home remedies. Sometimes it causes pain. So before the problem get worse, treat dry lips by using natural methods. There are various remedies for chapped lips treatment mentioned below can give good results within few weeks.

Causes of Dry Lips- There can be any cause of dry or chapped lips. The main cause is weather conditions. Sometimes, your own skin lack moisturizer which causes dry lips problems

Home Remedies for the Treatment of Dry or Chapped Lips

Clean  Lips-   It is first step to get rid of dry lips naturally. Use any good quality cleanser to clean lips. Then wash off lips.  After washing lips, apply any of the below given home remedy to chapped lips treatment before going to bed.

Scrubbing Lips- It is very important to remove dead cells on lips. For this, you can prepare the mixture of lemon, sugar, olive oil and honey. Apply it before going to bed. Rub that mixture very gently to loosen dead skin cells of your lips. Then wash off lips and apply any lip balm. The scrub also lighten dark lips naturally .

Honey-  Honey is wonderful home remedy to get rid of chapped lips. The method for using honey to cure dryness of lips is as follows:-

  • Prepare the mixture of honey any glycerine. You can also mix Vaseline and petroleum jelly with honey and apply on dry lips.
  • Leave it for around 1 hour before going to bed. You will have soft lips next day.
  • Follow this process for around 2 weeks. You will experience good results.

Coconut Oil:-   Dryness of lips causes during winters.  Coconut oil cures dry lips problem naturally. Apply coconut oily regularly before going to bed. Next day wash your lips. Regular application of coconut will give you good results.

Milk Cream-   This home remedy to treat chapped lips is popular since the time of your grandmother. If you remember, she must have suggested your mother to apply milk cream on chapped lips during your childhood. And it works wonderful. The method to apply milk cream on chapped lips is as follows-

  • Apply milk cream on chapped lips before going to bed.
  • Next day wash your lips properly. Practice it for few days to treat dry lips naturally.

Desi Ghee- You will remember your childhood period after reading about this home remedy for dry lips treatment. In childhood period, your mother used to apply desi ghee on chapped lips during winters which you hated sometimes. But this home remedy can treat dry lips problem within few days. Sometimes, you get results within in day. The method to use desi ghee on chapped is as follows-

  • Clean your lips properly.
  • Apply desi ghee before going to bed.
  • Next wash off lip and apply any lip balm before going outside.

Olive Oil:- Olive oil is natural lubricant which contains fatty acids. It cures dry lips problem naturally and make them soft and supple. Apply olive oil before going to bed.

Cucumber- Apply cucumber slices on chapped lips. It will hydrate lips. The method to use cucumber on chapped lips is as follows-

  • Cut cucumber slices into small pieces. Apply it for 10 to 5 minutes before going to bed.
  • Next day wash off lips. You will experience good results within few days.

Aloe Vera- The plant leaves has healing properties. It can treat many skin problems. It is good for lip care. Aloe vera can help chapped lips naturally. Apply aloe vera juice before going to bed for around one week. You will have good result after week.

Drink Lots of Water- Water is very essential for  good health as well as for skin. It is also good for dry lips. The habit of drinking ample water keeps your lips hydrated which is very essential for dry lips problem.

Rose Petals: – Rose petals hydrate lips. It also makes lip pink and beautiful. Hydration is very essential to get rid of dry lips problem.

  • Clean your lips properly
  • Soak rose petals into raw milk.
  • Prepare the smooth paste and apply on lips before going to bed
  • Keep the mixture for half an hour. You will see good results within week.


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  • hira

    The sweet almond oil is not only used or skin and hair care but it’s used for chapped lips, As this oil rich in many Vitamins such as Vitamin E and fatty acids which make this oil a wonderful choice to heals many skin problems. As almond oil is light in texture and its quickly absorbing properties makes it my favourite oil.

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