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Best Tinted Lip Balm Available in India


I am going to pick the best tinted lip balm. We are also suggesting you the list of tinted lip balm with SPF formula.

Maybelline Baby Lips- Maybelline offers best lip balm in India which moisturizes lips for around 8 hours. You have beautiful lips for around 1 week. It is available in different flavours. It offers following benefits to your lips-

  • Helps in getting rid of dry lips
  • Make your lips smooth
  • Makes your lips look better
  • More supple lips
  • Best Tinted lip balm available in India
  • Tinted lip balm with SPF formula

It is affordable tinted lip balm with SPF formula. It is available in different flavours.

 Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm:- Nivea fruity shine is known for giving the perfect care to your lips. It is available in different flavours. It is perfect formula for dry lips care. It moisturizes your lips and gentle care to them. It beautifies your lips with soft glossy colour. It gives you smooth, soft and kissable lips. It comes in exotic fruity formula which is dermatological approved. It is popular tinted lip balm available in India.

Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balm:-  Elle 18 juicy lip balm with SPF available in different colors including juicy red, pink, mauve, berry, peach, beige.  It is tinted lip balm with SPF formula enriched with olive oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. It moisturizes your lips, protect and nourishes them.

Fabindia Face Plum Lip Balm- The lip balm offers tinted and shinny finish on your lips. It gives deep moisturizing impact on your lips. It makes your lips soft, supple and deeply moisturized. It is purely herbal tinted lip balm which is made by natural oils. It has mild fruit fragrance. It cures dry and chapped lips. The lip balm offers following benefits-

  • Cures dry lip problem
  • Works as good lipstick base
  • Moisturizes Your lips

Ingredients of  Fabindia Face Plum Lip Balm-  Emulsifing Wax, Microcrystilline Wax,  Kokum Butter, Olive Wax, Cocoa Butter Lonolin Anhydrous, Sorbitan Olivate, Carpriloic Capric Tryglyceride, Vegetable Sqalene, Propyl Paraben, Wheatgerm Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Plumb Passion Essence, Seasame Oil, Beeswax,   Butylate Hydroxy Toluene.

Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm Strawberry:-   The perfect tinted lips balm to give smooth finish to your lips. It moisturizes your lips, gives them color and flavor. It has fruity strawberry flavor. It moisturizes and conditions lips.

 NYX Color Lip Balm- NYX color lip balm is popular in different shades. The tinted or colored lip balm is available in different shades which are as follows-

  • Thank You – Hot pink with blue undertones.
  • Tack –Natural Brown/ Beige
  • Asante-Sheer Mauve tone
  • Sukriya –Pure red shade.
  • Grazie –Red Color with Pink undertones.
  • Merci – Sheer Fuchsia shade with Blue undertones.
  • XieXie- Dusty Pink shade.
  • Spasibo- Nude shade with slight pink undertones.
  • Obrigado- Sheer Deep Red.
  • Arigato –Coral shade with shimmer.
  • Shukran – Pink shade with blue undertones
  • Danke –Pure Nude
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