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Tricks to Get Bigger or Fuller Lips Naturally like Anjelina Jolie


Every girl wants to have bigger and fuller lips. For this, sometimes they go for the surgery and use lip plumper. But you don’t need to be go through these artificial methods. You can have fuller or bigger lips naturally.  The ways to get fuller or bigger lips naturally are as follows-

Brush Your Lips-  Use toothbrush to clean your lips. It will help in getting rid of dead skin cells around the lips. It also improves the blood flow. The method plumps lips naturally. Clean lips with toothbrush daily to get better results. Brushing makes lips fuller and softer through exfoliation. You can make this process more effective by adding other ingredients-

Home Remedies for Bigger or Fuller Lips- Prepare the mixture of sugar, moisturizing oil and water. Apply this mixture on lips. It  may cause some irritation and in result will plump your lips.The oil which works like lip plumper are as follows

  • Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Oil

Prepare Natural lip Plumber at Home- You can prepare natural plumber at home. Prepare the mixture of cinnamon leaf oil, Olive oil and Gel of vitamin E capsule. Apply this mixture daily before going to bed. You will see the good results within few days.

Exercises for Bigger Lips

Whistling- Do the whistling exercise daily for around 5 minutes. It will plump your lips naturally.  Try to whistle as loud as you can do. It will plum your lips within few days because during whistling person use lip muscle. And this exercise builds up lip muscle.

Kissing- Kissing exercise also plum lips naturally. Try to hold kissing for long.

Rotation Exercise- First, close your mouth then stretch your lips as you are going to kiss someone. Now rotate them clockwise. Now do the same in opposite direction. Do at least 5 repetitions. Within few weeks you will have fuller lips.

Drink Lots of Water- For the beautiful and fuller lips drink lots of water daily. It will keep your lips hydrated and make them look fuller.

Make Up Tips for Bigger and Fuller Lips-

Apply Foundation – First apply foundation on your lips, It will helps applying lipstick smoothly and it will give some thickness to lips.

Highlight Top Lip- Highlight the middle of top lip by adding some more concealer.

Add Lip Gloss in the Middle-  Add lip gloss or shimmer lipstick in the middle to highlight your lips. The trick will make your lips look bigger naturally.

Overdraw Your Lip Liner- While applying lip liner overdraw outside the lips. It will make your lips look bigger. Before applying lip liner use concealer to hide lip line.

Don’t Apply Dark Lipstick- Dont apply dark lipstick if you get bigger lips. If you don’t believe apply both dark and light lipstick and see the difference.  Apply light color lipstick. Give preference to pink shade.

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