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Light Therapy For Acne Treatment

light -therapy- for- acne- treatment
light therapy for acne treatment

Light therapy is popular method to treat acne. It works by killing bacteria that causes redness and swelling. In light therapy method for acne, your skin is exposed to different types of lights. In this method, doctor apply a particular type of medication to skin to make it more sensitive to light. The treatment uses different types of lights such as blue, red and combination of these lights. The light therapy for acne treatment results in production of oil or shrink the production of oil glands. You can also perform light treatment of acne at home. There are some devices that you can use at home to perform light therapy for acne.

Light Therapy for acne under Dermatologist- You can visit to any certified dermatologist to get light therapy. Dermatologist may prescribe any kind of light therapy such as red light and blue light therapy. You should take the special care of skin after light therapy as skin become sensitive. Especially avoid sun otherwise result may get worse.

Light treatment for acne at Home- You can also perform light treatment at home by using certified devices. Although you should give special care while taking light therapy at home. There are various brands offering devices for light therapy. You are advised to choose the best one. So do proper market research before choosing the right device for light therapy. You are required to follow all the instructions carefully before performing light therapy at home. You are advised to contact with the person who have already performed it and experienced good results. You should also consult with the dermatologist before taking acne light treatment at home.

Acne Light Therapy Devices- After reading online, i found device tria for light treatment for acne at home. The highlights of Tria device are as follows-

  • A non-UV, high energy, non-irritating, light-based device used in the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne.
  • Tria blue light device start showing results immediately be clearing out blemishes from the chest, neck, back and face.  The acne treatment blue light penetrate below the surface of skin. It removes the bacteria that cause acne.
  • It is home used device
  • It can be used regularly for gentle acne treatment.
  • Read all the direction given  for the safe use of blue light acne treatment device.

Before start using the device, you can consult with the dermatologist and prior user before start using device.

Side Effects of Light Therapy- Every medical procedure for acne treatment have some side effects. So here it is necessary to discuss about the light therapy treatment side effects so that you can take right decision-

  • Skin sensitivity
  • Redness of skin
  • Change in skin color or tone
  • Peeling for Crusting

Although all these side effects are only for certain duration. They disappear after certain duration. In case of continuation, you should consult with the dermatologist for further treatment.

Personal Recommendation-  Before taking any medical procedure such as light therapy and laser to cure acne, you should first use Homemade face packs for the treatment of acne  and natural ways to treat acne .

Natural ways are much better for treating acne. You can also perform yoga. If the such things does not work then only go for the medical procedure because natural methods are completely safe and treat acne problem naturally.

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