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Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream Review

Lakme CC 9 to 5 cream review

Lakme CC cream is highly demanding among working women. It brightens skin tone naturally. It is all in 1 Instant Skin Stylist SPF 30 . Lakme CC cream instantly protects, moisturizes, brightens, evens skin tone, conceals and freshens skin. You don’t need to apply sunscreen while using Lakme 9 to 5 cream.

Use this cream for good results. Lakme CC Cream refers to complexion care. It also contains moisturizer. It becomes powdery after applying. It is available as per skin tone for clear, dull and wheatish complexion. Lakme CC Cream also helps in repairing and brightening skin tone.

My Experience with Lakme CC Cream 

My friend suggested me to write Lakme CC Cream review after seeing results. There are some dark spots on my skin. After applying lakme CC cream, i got even skin tone. Although my skin color brightens little bit but all dark spots faded away. My under eye area start looking smooth.

It was the impact of Lakme CC cream in morning. But women desire to have refreshing skin for entire day. So i would like to share my entire day experience with Lakme CC cream. I apply Fair & Lovely cream on my oily skin on daily basis. After lunch, my skin started to  look dull due to dirt and oil  on my face. So i need to wash my face and again apply my daily cream.

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Now you might ask that is there any difference after applying Lakme CC cream. Then my answer is that it lasts longer than ordinary cream. Although, somewhere its texture impacted by oily skin in comparison to dry skin. Oily skin starts looking dull after some time. But Lakme CC cream keeps refreshing till evening. You can select texture as your skin tone from beige and bronze.

Lakme CC Cream Review for Dry Skin 

Lakme CC cream contains some amount of moisturizer. So it is perfect for dry skin as well. Oily skin people don’t need to get confused because of containing moisturizer because it is not greasy formula. It contains very small amount of moisturizer. So the dry skin girls need to rethink while applying it during winters. Although, it will not be good idea to apply on the coat of moisturizer.

More Facts Related to Lakme CC Cream Review

1- You need to do some deep thinking before applying Lakme CC Cream. Because you may get confused with the shade that i did. I purchased bronze shade which makes my skin darker. So if you are very wheatish then only go for the bronze shade. Normal skin tone is suitable with beige.

2- I am still confused that it improves skin tone. You look fairer after applying it. Your natural skin tone get revealed once you wash face. So you need to rely on more products especially herbal to improve skin tone.

3- I want to advise to always keep Lakme CC Cream in your beauty pouch. You may need it anytime and anywhere because it gives refreshing look instantly.

4- It contains SPF 20 so don’t need to put extra coat of sunscreen. So if you working women then you can apply it for skin protection.

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