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VLCC Products and Services Review- Now I am Regular Customer

vlcc reviews

I hardly make time for manicures. So when VLCC, a leading beauty and slimming services brand, recently invited me to a pampering session, I was on cloud nine. It was such a privilege to take a break from the mundane life and experience the wide-array of VLCC beauty services.

VLCC Nail Treatment

I trust VLCC products and their services for the value they offer. My skin is quite sensitive and requires extra care across seasons. I have often availed VLCC’s clean-ups and facials and surprisingly I didn’t know about the host of other services it offered until I attended the session. VLCC is beyond just facials and slimming and offers advanced beauty solutions that are just perfect for my skin.

It is the dream of every woman to look beautiful and have a perfect body despite natural progression of live. We all struggle through both good days and bad when it comes to our weight, hair or skin. VLCC offers customized solutions for beauty, hair and weight-related problems and their advanced beauty solutions are aimed at correcting signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

I would love to give you more insights into some of the popular VLCC services designed especially for aging and dull skin – a common problem these days.

Derma Heal Eye Treatment

Women start developing signs of aging after 30s, especially around the under eye area which is most prone to aging and wrinkles. VLCC Derma Heal Eye Treatment is an apt solution for the treatment of visible signs of aging around your eyes. The treatment involves innovative bio actives that heal the under eye area without any side effects. The 24-hour lasting hydration boosts radiance and improves skin texture.

Benefits of Derma Heal Eye Treatment are:-

  • Lightens skin tone

  • Tightens skin around eyes

  • Minimizes pores

  • Creates calming impact


The VLCC Visionergy treatment is made to work on your under eye skin. The treatment offers following benefits-

  • It reduces the signs of aging around eyes

  • It promotes regeneration

  • Provides protection against oxidative stress

  • Improves elasticity and smoothness of skin

Vampire Facelift

Vampire facelift is a popular treatment to counter wrinkles and sagging skin. It rejuvenates your skin and works on other skin problems such as acne, stretch marks, open pores and wrinkles. VLCC provides US FDA approved Vampire Facelift treatment with the help of its expert dermatologist and advanced technology.

My experience of daily skin care products of VLCC

At the end of the meet, I also received a kit with VLCC skin care products. It included the following products:

       Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash

  • VLCC Gold Polishing Face Scrub

  • VLCC Daily Protection Sun Screen Cream

  • VLCC Diamond Facial Kit

  • VLCC Lovable Lips Balm

Now I am a regular and satisfied user of these products within a few weeks. I have replaced my old skin care products because I can actually feel the difference after using VLCC’s daily face wash and scrub. And, I never forget to use my sun screen, which provides day-long protection to my skin. The diamond facial kit makes me party ready for some crazy Saturday nights and lovable lips balm keeps my lips soft throughout the week.

By the way, did I tell you I also availed an amazingly relaxing foot massage there? It’s a must-try – Take my word for it!

Until next time!

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