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5 Kitty Party Game Ideas

femalevenue.com - kitty party game ideasSo, you and your friends decided to take time just for you. A women’s only celebration. A Kitty Party. It is fine every now and then to dedicate a time to strengthen the bonds of your friendships. But you have a problem; no one seems to have any new or good Kitty Party game ideas of what to do to bring some fun into this special celebration. What kinds of activities are cool? What are the most exciting? Are you really just going to play Monopoly all the time?

Worry not, for here I come to your rescue!

Getting your Kitty Party to really take off and become something that your friends will talk about for months to come is easy, when you know how. I’m going to share a few of the ideas that have worked well for me with these five Kitty Party game ideas which work well with any Kitty Party theme you want.

No. 1: Sticker wars

femalevenue.com - kitty party game ideas

This one is very simple, yet very funny, and you will be able to play it while you play other games.


Let me explain.

The rules to the game are very simple.

  1. Each party attendant receives a bunch of stickers when they first arrive. At a given time the game will begin.
  2. Every participant must stick their stickers onto another participant without them noticing it.
  3. If participant ‘A’ notes that another participant, participant ‘B’, is putting a sticker on them, participant ‘B’ should take it back and try to put their sticker on someone else.
  4. If you note afterward that you have a sticker on you, you are not allowed to take it off.
  5. If participant ‘B’ is seen putting a sticker onto participant ‘A’, participant ‘C’ who saw it, can tell participant ‘A’ about it, but that is not mandatory.
  6. At the end of the game, there are three types of winners:
  • The participant that placed all the stickers onto other participants.
  • The participant with the fewest stickers on them.
  • The participant who spotted the most other participants trying to stick their stickers onto themselves or others.

There are additional rules concerning the game.

1) Participants may ONLY stick onto other participants. Sticking onto furniture or other kinds of objects is invalid, and the participant takes a ‘one point’ penalty for each sticker used this way.

2) For obvious reasons, this game must be played by at least 5 people to be viable.

3) The game begins after all party attendants have arrived and ends when the party ends.

4) If by any chance, someone may not want to participate in the game, the stickers placed on them will not be valid, nor can she tell the others when she spots a participant trying to place stickers on them.

5) If someone needs to leave before the end of the game, their stickers will not be valid any longer. To each sticker she already had placed, she will take one of the ones that are on her and replace one of her own in other participants.

And that is it. Now it is time to practice your ninja skills on your girlfriends!

No 2. React and Act

This is another simple yet fun choice in the Kitty Party game ideas that can be played by anyone. No age, and almost no disability restrictions*.

The idea is to react and act as wrfemalevenue.com - kitty party game ideasitten on paper. At the setting up of the game, all participants take a piece of paper, they then need to think of an event that they would like to see acted out, and write it down.

Then, when all the participants have written their own acts, all the pieces of paper are put inside a box, or bag, or another container that is not transparent.

After that, in alphabetical order, the participants take turns in taking a piece of paper from the container and read it to themselves. If she took the one she wrote, she must put it back into the container and take another. The same process is repeated until she takes a paper other than one of her own. Each participant does the same.

After this is done, each participant, beginning in the order that the participants took when sorting the papers, acts out the written event. Then, the other participants have to try to guess what the event is. The participant who got most of the events right is the winner.

Additional rule: You may repeat the games as many rounds as you like. In doing so, you could set up another victory condition to the participant who acted the most plays right.

* Some disabilities like blindness or another impairing movement on the hands, torso or head may render it impractical.

No 3 The Great Wind Blows

This one is quite simple, and similar to the dancing chairs game, which I won’t worry about explaining with these other great Kitty Party game ideas. The game starts with someone that is standing up. Then this person states that “The Great Wind blows those who….” and makes a choice. For example, “The Great Wind blows those who are wearing red”.

femalevenue.com - kitty party game ideasAll those participants who have a piece of cloth red, visible or not, must leave their places and find a seat as quickly as possible, within 30 seconds. If this person is not able, then she will be the next one standing up and stating that “The Great Wind blows those who.”

The funny part of this game is that like the Sticker Wars, it can be used combined with other games, so you can play while you play. You can even combine the two, and if you are standing up and you see someone trying to put a sticker on someone else, you can state that “The Great Wind blows all those who are trying to put stickers on other people.”.

Give it a try.

No. 4 Freeze dance

This is my personal favorite in all of my Kitty Party game ideas. Gather all the participants up, play a song on the stereo, or another media device you have, and start dancing. Put someone in charge of pausing the music and start dancing. The rules are simple. Every time that the music stops, the participants freeze whatever movement they are doing.

If they cannot do so, they are out.

The last one standing is victorious.

No. 5 Two truths and a lie

femalevenue.com - kitty party game ideasEveryone has secrets, or things that they do not want other people to know, but as friends and confidants, you may know some of them. Out of all the Kitty Party game ideas, this is one where you get a chance to chance to catch your breath, unless you can’t stop laughing. It is pretty straightforward.

You will make three statements. One of them is a truth, and the other two are lies. There are two winners: The person who got the most truths right and the one that told the most lies without being discovered.

Have a happy kitty party.

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