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Best Kitty Party Themes and Ideas for Complete Fun

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Every time you must look for new Kitty Party Theme. We bring for you best kitty party ideas. All our kitty party themes will keep your kitty party fun fulfilled. Whether you are working women or nonworking, a kitty party is the best time when you can chill with your friends.

Kashmir Theme

Kashmir is known for its culture and beautiful dresses especially among women. So this time, you can Jazz Up Kitty Party with Kashmiri theme. Your participant should dress up in Kashmiri style.  The entire venue setting should also give the feel of Kashmir.

Mughal Theme

It is the right time to use your Anarkali, Heavy Lehengas. The Mughal theme is very popular theme for Kitty Party.  The important part of Mughal Kitty Party Theme is the dress, venue decoration, food, and songs. Everything should be in Mughal style.

Monsoon or Rainy Season Kitty Theme

Monsoon theme for Kitty Party is most searched on the internet. Rainy season is the time when you all are set to cherish and enjoy.  Come with spring dress for this Monsoon kitty party theme. Spring dresses are easily available on the internet.  Do the decoration in rainbow style.  Spring dresses are available online.  Prepare the monsoon special snacks such as bread pakora, French fries, spring rolls and lots more.

Disco Kitty Party Theme

“I am a disco dancer”. Every kitty party participant should feel like this.  Arrange for disco lighting, drinks and dress should be disco style. The theme is full of fun and dance. Also, arrange for disco songs so that everyone can move their legs. You can prepare the mixture of old and new disco songs.

Jungle Theme

Get ready for some thrill with Jungle theme for Kitty Party.  It will excite the participants. What you need to do the venue decoration in Jungle style.  Guest would also come into the dress like zebra shades, tiger shades etc.  Material for jungle theme decoration is easily available in the market. You can buy it online. And make the venue look like a jungle. Must play popular song “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali hai”. You can also arrange for movie show for Mowgli.

Retro Kitty Party Theme

Go back into 15 to 20 years back and get ready for retro style. The excitement will be on the peak.  Land everyone into the era of Hema Malini, Rekha, Jaya Bachchan and Sharmila Tagore. Don’t forget to collect the popular song of that time.  The set up should also reflect the theme. Everyone should feel like that they land into the period of Rajesh Khanna.  It can be best Kitty Party theme idea.

Punjabi Theme

Get ready for some Bhangra, chole kulcha and Patiala suits. The excitement will be on the top with bhangra beats. Prepare the collection of Punjabi numbers. How you can miss the dance when there is Punjabi theme for the kitty party.Everyone will enjoy the Punjabi songs and dishes prepared for this theme. Wear Punjabi suits for this special Kitty Party Punjabi theme. There are many latest Bollywood numbers are Punjabi. Collect all these songs with the combination of new and old one.

Gujarati Kitty Theme

Gujarat is known for its colorful dresses, dandiya. Arrange for the Faguni Pathak Dandiya songs. There are also many other popular Dandiya songs that you can play. Don’t forget to arrange for the Dandiya stick. As it is time for navratri. You should also arrange for Gujarati dishes like Trevti Daal, Toor Dal, Masala Puri, Shrikand, Vangi Batata Bhaaji, Vagharelo Bhaat, Dhokla etc.

Ramp Walk Theme 

It is the perfect theme to update the style of ladies. So ladies get ramp ready while choosing this theme. Make it more exciting by organizing the ramp walk competition. The winner is awarded amazing prizes. Select the judges for this kitty party theme. Prepare a small ramp and everyone should come in stylish dresses.

Tapori Kitty Party Theme 

Sounds funny and everyone will most enjoy this Kitty Party Idea. You can take the inspiration from Bollywood.  Each lady will assign the particular tapori look of Bollywood hero. Tell them to learn popular dialogues. Venue decoration should also be in Tapori Style.

Bollywood Theme

Get ready to look like your favorite Bollywood star in their famous roles. Get deep into their character by learning few of their dialogues. You can also choose the particular movie like DDLJ. Everyone plays the chosen character of that movie. I think that will be more exciting.

College or School Theme 

It is time to remember your golden period that is college or school theme. Definitely, it was the best time of your life. Now, once again we land into that time. Everyone will love this kitty party idea. Dress up accordingly to the theme. Choose the games that you used to play in college or school. Choose a popular color like red, white or black etc. Everyone should come into the dresses of a chosen color. Use that color in venue decoration.

Traditional Theme 

You can choose any traditional dress for this theme like lehenga, saree, suits. In today’s lifestyle, we forget about the Indian culture. There are lots of interesting things in our culture. So must try this kitty party idea. Everyone will definitely enjoy it.

Rajasthani Theme

Get ready to enjoy with Rajasthani Theme on this kitty party. Although, it requires a lot of preparation. You need to prepare Rajasthani cuisine as well and decorate entire venue in this style.

Nawawi Theme 

“Thaat Nawawi and baat nawawi” get the feel of this slogan in Nawawi theme. You know about the lifestyle of Lucknow Nawaws. Now live their style with innovating theme. First search for the nawabs type of foods and dresses on the internet. After doing all the research, tell your friends about the Nawawi style dress they are supposed to wear on that day.

Firangi Theme 

Now think global by opting Firangi Style Theme. Take out short dresses, tell your kitty friends to make their hair color brown. It is the theme when everyone inclined to show their western style sense.

Antakshri Theme for Kitty Party

Antakshri is the popular game in India. It can be played on various occasions. Although many of us have forgotten the joy of Antakshri which we used to enjoy in our childhood. So again bring the childhood memory in front of you by this Kitty theme.

What will you need to arrange for an Antakshri Kitty Party theme? Is next kitty is going to be at your home then it’s time to get happy because you are not required to do any special arrangement. Just divide Antakshri team. Arrange the prize for the winning team.  It is one of the best kitty party themes.

Kitty Party Theme As Per Occasion 

The best kitty party themes can be as per the occasion. India is the country of festivals and celebrations. You can start pre-celebration of your favorite festivals by selecting kitty party themes as per the occasions such as Holi, Diwali and Raksha Bandhan, Eid and Christmas.

So gear up for next Kitty Party with these amazing themes.

Some Advice for Selecting Kitty Party Themes

Here is some advice to before choosing Kitty Party Theme.

1- Calculate the expenditure that will happen in executing entire theme. Also, talk with members for contribution.

2- Plan out the resources that need for arrangements. Move forward with a particular kitty only when you can arrange for the resources. Otherwise, drop the plan and pick the feasible one.

3- Select the theme as per the occasion and time of the month.

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