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Here is the Inspiring story of Wrestler Geeta Phogat

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There real life story of Geeta Phogat in Dangal movie is not only inspiring women in India but also all over the world. These days there is a huge buzz about Geeta Phogat. Here you can know every thing about  Geeta Phogat. She was born on 15 December 1988. She is first women wrestler who had qualified for the Olympics.

Geeta Phogat with Family

She belongs to Bhiwani District of Haryana. Her father is Mahavir Singh Phogat who is himself a former wrestler. He is also the trainer of Geeta Phogat. She is from a village called Balali. The place is the remote area where women are not even supposed to move forward in life. But it was the dedication and belief of Geeta Phogat father which bring her so far. Her father has firm belief that girls can even do the things which boys can do. Girls should not remain behind the boys. In starting, she has fought with the male wrestler because in her village women don’t take part in wrestling. Still in our villages, people even don’t allow their daughters to go school. In that scenario, Geeta Phogat father, Mahavir Singh has opted a completely different approach. Her story is truly inspiring for those parents who don’t celebrate after the birth of daughter.

In starting, she has to undergo tough training. Her father trained Geeta and her sister Babita before going to school. After coming from school, again they start their training. Although, it was the tough time for her but it had made her what she is today.

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Here is the Inspirational Career of Geeta Phogat

Geeta has started wrestling since her childhood but she got the acclamation after 2009 commonwealth wrestling championship. It was taken place in Jalandhar Punjab. It was the turning point for the career of Geeta Phogat.

She participated in 2010 India’s commonwealth games. Here she won the India’s first ever gold medal in women’s wrestling. The game was held in New Delhi. After wining, she became the leading face in the field of wrestling. She has made the India proud by her winning.

She won the gold medal in Wrestling FILA Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament.

Geeta Phogat has won brone medal in 2012 world wrestling championship. During that time, her coach was O.P Yadav.

Again She won the bronze medal in 2012 Asian wrestling championship.

Geeta Phogat won the sliver medal in 2013 commonwealth wrestling championship.

She won the bronze medal in 2015 in Asian Championship in Doha.

geeta phogat marriage

Geeta Phogat Marriage

After the Dangal, everyone is not only concerned about her professional life but also personal life. Most of are looking for Geeta Phogat Married. Yes officially she is married now. She got married with Pawan Kumar. He is Delhi based wrestler. Her wedding is also attended by Aamir Khan and some of the top personalities. Aamir Khan attended the Geeta Phogat marriage in Harayanvi dress.

Geeta Phogat is not only a leading wrestler but also she has truly inspiration for the women.  Her father Mahavir Singh is also true inspiration for the parents of daughters. Her story is inspiring to parent who make sorrow for lifetime because of not having son. Instead of it, they should focus on the exploring the talent of their daughter. May be one day, your inspiration will make them to shine in their chosen field.


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