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How to Make Running Fun; Running Tips for Women

An essential part of getting fit is to stop making excuses as to why you shouldn’t take action and start to exercise. Telling yourself all kinds of excuses will not help you reach your fitness goals. A big part of the reason so many women struggle with this is because some fitness activities are difficult to see as being fun. When your exercise plan includes running, how do you then make running fun if you don’t really enjoy it?

femalevenue.com- make running funIf you are highly dedicated to taking good care of your health, you will always make it your course to train every day and embrace your fitness schedule. Most women will agree that running is not always easy, and professional athletes who run for a living will also admit the same. Your body becomes more conditioned the more you do it and running feels much easier with practice.

Some days are just boring and it can be a real struggle to get through a few miles. The good news? Other than just giving up and calling it a day, there are things you can do to make running fun. You can try our expert-approved tricks next time you are about to lace up to make running feel a little bit easier.

Set mini-distances

Time or mileage goals might become daunting sometimes, especially if they are big and you feel they are borderline impossible.

There are so many variations you can apply when setting mini goals throughout your run. While running, you can choose to go by time or distance. For example, you can tell yourself that you will run into the next building and then start walking. Each time you hit one, you will always feel a renewed sense of accomplishment.

Slow down the pace

femalevenue.com- make running funIt is really difficult to maintain your pace if you come out of the gates at full speed, and after a while, this does very little to make running fun.

Your body will be draining all of your energy very quickly, which sends you off the track after a short time.

Try to adjust your pace by slowing down as you run. By listening to your body, you will be able to run at a pace that is comfortable for the exercise.

Take walk breaks

If you are a beginner, it is best that you go for a run and break it up with some walking. There is no shame in switching between the two. Over time, you get adapted to running for longer because of the walking breaks

Remind yourself why you run

In situations where you are having a rough time keeping your heart in the game because you struggle to see how you can make running fun, ask yourself why you are running.

  • Is it related to health?
  • Is it related to a race?
  • What are your goals for running?

Keep your goal in mind throughout the run to stay persistent.

Try a new route

femalevenue.com- make running funRunning along the same track or path becomes boring pretty quickly since you have fallen into a routine.

Why not take a different route today?

Go on new roads that will stimulate you visually and physically. It becomes a little faster and easier if you are running while seeing new spots.

Ignore your watch

A watch may give you an insight of how long you have been running. However, it can steal your motivation by constantly checking the covered mileage. Try to run according to how you feel.

Dash with a dog

femalevenue.com- make running funDog owners are likely to make healthier life choices by being regular exercisers than their pup-free counterparts.

They are always the best workout buddies and help to make running fun, as you will always feel excited to go an extra mile with them.

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