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What are the Benefits of Green Tea?

benefits of green tea

A beverage that created the buzz everywhere is Green Tea. The tea is magical and good for everyone specially for women suffering from extra weight.Here, you will come to know about all the advantages of green tea.

Weight Loss:- Green Tea helps in losing weight naturally. It keeps weight in check as well as shedding extra calories from your body parts. It fasten the process of metabolism which contribute mainly in burning fat. It also intensify the level of fat oxidation. There is a compound found in green tea referred as polyphenol. The compound intensify the level of fat oxidation and rate of body turning food into calories.

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Fat in abdominal area is main problem among women. Green tea helps a lot in decreasing fat especially around abdominal area. It helps in reducing belly fat naturally. With waist area, it works on decreasing the entire body weight. There are many studies have been done to find out effectiveness of green tea on weight loss. Every study clearly indicate that green tea helps a lot in decreasing weight especially around abdominal area and entire weight naturally and slowly. Although experts recommend to do exercise to get fast result.

Healthy teeth:- If you are drinking green tea daily then you will definitely enjoy healthy teeth for till long time. Green Tea has the ability to kill germs and bacteria that are the main cause of dental problems. There is a virus, influenza which is main cause of infections. Green Tea helps in surpassing the impact of this virus. There is also many other virus which causes infections such as Streptococcus mutans. It is main cause of dental problems such as tooth decay, plaque formation and prevent plaque formation.

If you are suffering from bad breath then you should drinking green tea from today. It is very effective formula to get rid of bad breath. So take a sip daily and enjoy the benefits of green tea with every cup.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s:- Start drinking green tea from today if you want to protect your brain in old age and from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diease. These are two different diseases that impact the brain functioning. Both are neuro-generative dieases. It prevents the risk of alzheimer and parkinson diseases. It protects the brain from such kind of diseases.

According to researches those who consume green tea daily, enjoy better brain functioning. There are lot of chances of diseases during old age. Green Tea protect old age related brain diseases . It contains catechin compound which protect neurons animal models and test tubes.So start drinking green tea to create protection shield against brain related diseases.

Control Diabetics:- Green Tea is very good for diabetics patients. It regulates blood sugar level even after eating.It is helpful in controlling high insulin spikes.

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Control Heart Diseases:- It is advantage of green tea for heart patients. It normalize the functioning of heart by working on lining of blood vessels. Heart attacks are mainly causes due to formation of blood clots. Green Tea prevents the formation of blood clots.

Reduce Stress:- You must have heard that green tea reduces stress. It is true it helps in reducing stress and tension due to presence of amino acid which helps you to keep calm and relaxed. It is main advantage for green tea drinker as stress is common in today’s hectic lifestyle.

Good for Skin:- There are many benefits of green tea for skin. If you are near to ageing process then you must start drinking green tea from today. Anti- ageing support for skin is main benefit for green tea as it contains antioxidants and anti- inflammatory substances. You can also prepare green tea face mask to get glowing skin instantly. 

Cancer Prevention:- It is also very important benefits of green tea where cancer is become a common diseases in today’s time. You can protect your body from various type of cancer which cause due to uncontrollable cell growth. Due to presence of antioxidants, green tea create protective shield against cancer. Common type of cancer such as breast , colorectal and prostate can be prevented by drinking green tea on regular basis


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  • YaMInI

    How can I drink Lipton green tea after drinking a glass of warm water in the morning or with empty stomach?
    How is it beneficial to drink after morning workout or before workout?

    • Hello YaMlnl,

      Thank you for your question.

      You will get the most benefit from drinking the warm water before the tea on an empty stomach. This will help wake your organs up and get things moving in your body. Drinking the green tea after this will not be so much of a shock to your system. As far as your workouts go, if you feel that you are dizzy or low on energy during your workout, or towards the end, this may be a result of your blood sugar levels dropping too low. Having something healthy that will carry you through the workout is important. Don’t starve your body when it needs fuel at this time. Choose something like fresh fruit (not juice, but whole fruit – you need the fiber too), as this will help fuel you in your workout. The green tea will provide you with some energy, but not enough for a solid workout.

      I’ll be posting a new diet plan (what I like to call a healthy eating plan) very soon which I hope helps you also.

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