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How to Check Plastic Rice?- Methods to Identity Plastic Rice

how to check plastic rice

There is huge panic among people in Telangana due to plastic rice. The Telangana civil supplies department is flooded with news of plastic rice. According Telangana confirmed that it was just the fake news & it was just a rumor. Although everyone is wondering how to check the plastic rice. There are few methods that can help in identifying plastic rice.

Plastic rice is a huge concern for health. So if you are also eating plastic rice then there are various chances to develop many health problems. It is necessary to check plastic rice to ensure the health of the family.

Methods to Check Plastic Rice

By Using Fire

The best way to check plastic rice is to throw fire. Burn the plastic rice throw matchstick or lighter. You can identify the smell of rice.

By Water Waste

Organic rice usually sinks in water due to water. It could be the chances of floating if other ingredients are mixed with it.

While Boiling

You can also identify fake rice while boiling. If it forms a thick layer then it may be fake rice.

By Using Hot Oil

You can identify plastic rice by using hot oil. Take small amount rice and put it in hot oil. If it sticks to the vessel then it is plastic rice.

Side Effects of Plastic Rice

There are many side effects of plastic rice. The combination of custard apple, apple peels, sweet potato with plastic is combined to make plastic rice. It causes various health problem and it cannot be identified as raw.

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