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What are the Benefits of Honey for Skin, Weight Loss & Health?

benefits of honey

Many times, you have heard about the benefits of Honey from your elders like grandmother. In old times, it was used as substitute for sugar. In today’s time, honey is widely recognized for its weight loss benefits. But still,  we are unaware about the health benefits of honey especially raw honey. A huge demand increased for raw honey since last few years as it contains all essential nutrients. Very few of you know that Honey is great source of minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are essential for good health and well being.

Here is healthy benefits of Honey. After reading them you must start eating honey from next day.

Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal Properties 

Honey is anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. So taking honey daily can keep you fit and healthy for long time.

Treatment of Allergy 

You are advised to take honey cough syrup when you are suffering from severe cough condition. Do you ever thought the reason behind it? If not then you should know that due to containing anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, honey fight with allergies. It even can treat severe cough condition. But consult with your doctor before taking honey during cough conditions.

Treatment of Wounds and Skin Rashes

In some studies it has been found that Honey also helps in treatment of wounds due to its healing properties. For this, you should ask for the Manuka Honey that is easily available in market. Manuka Honey can help in treatment of skin rashes, infections and wounds. It is one of main benefits of Honey.

Now you must want to know the method of applying Honey on wounds and rashes. You can directly rub honey on effected area. For this first clean the wound area then apply. Although, it can be a messy way to apply honey on wound. So, you can take the honey wound dressing after consultation with your physician.

Honey for Skin 

The benefits of honey for skin are popular since the time of your grandmother and even before it. Because of this, Honey face packs are easily available in market and very popular as well. Many women prefer to use homemade honey face packs as they are more effective. It works as nourishing and moisturizing agent for skin that can also treat all types of skin problems. It is widely used skin care home remedy for normal , dry and acne prone skin.

Weight Loss 

Many of us aware about the weight loss benefits of Honey. It is an effective diet for weight loss. It is healthy alternative for sugar. So if you want to keep control on weight, then replace honey with sugar. Honey with lemon also works effective to remain fit.

Source of Energy

According to some studies, Honey is regarded as good source of energy because of containing calories. It also contains carbohydrates which became glucose.

Source of Antioxidant

Antioxidants are essential for our body. It promotes overall fitness and health. It removes radicals from body which protects even from heart diseases and cancer.

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