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How to Beat a Fear of Flying in 7 Easy Steps

Would you believe that a staggering 38% of the population globally apparently are said to suffer from a fear of flying? With numbers that high, it’s not something to feel embarrassed about, besides; a fear of flying is a real thing. And what else is real is your ability to beat a fear of flying!

So, given that you are most likely a part of this statistic (based on that you’re reading this), if you feel that you are terrified of flying in a plane, this will be of benefit to you.

Have you ever found that you avoid booking flights regardless of the costs because you encounter heightened stress and maybe even panic attacks before you actually board the flight? If so, don’t despair, there are some ways to handle this that we’ll look at here.

If you find that you need to get on a plane and travel to a distant destination for something important like a specific event, these tips are ones that are easy to follow to help you beat a fear of flying.

Find a strong enough reason

Overcoming a fear of any kind can be challenging and difficult; what you will rely upon most is a rock solid will and relentless determination to realize your success. This is the same formula for achieving in any area of life, the only variable to the rule is you and your specific focus.

femalevenue.com - overcome your fear of flyingIdentifying your reason to conquer your fear of flying will do a lot to carry you through the journey, literally and metaphorically, particularly at times when you will feel like you want to quit.

Ask yourself why is it that you have to catch that specific flight. Is the reason to follow through on an important personal or professional obligation? Is the purpose behind this for you to realize a lifelong dream that you have of traveling to an idyllic place?

Or is it just for you to prove to yourself that you’ve got what it takes for you to beat your fears? Regardless of your focus or motivation, it must be clear and real enough for you to call upon your inner strength and determination to succeed.

Get the information you need

Your fear of flying and that anxious feeling you get most likely is the result of a gap in your understanding about how aircraft work. I was previously very uncertain about how the cabin crew and the pilots were trained to handle emergencies and incidents. Something else I knew very little of was the safety records of various airlines.

If you take some time to learn about the different details and look at the figures, your fear will subside and potentially vanish. When looking at these points of information, look at the big picture; don’t focus purely on where things went wrong that 0.0006% of the time.

You will find that by replacing any incorrect information with correct information will help to overcome a fear that is founded in misinformation. For example, many people who have a fear of flying are scared of turbulence during a flight.

But if they knew for a fact that turbulence doesn’t actually cause an aircraft to crash, and that it is a routine part of flying, then they would be less likely to fear turbulence as much. They will simply see turbulence as a small inconvenience, and not some kind of threat to safety.

Use relaxation techniques

A great way to reduce stress levels and take the edge off anxiety is to practice a few different relaxation techniques. This will do wonders for helping to manage your fear of flying.

Find the specific techniques that you believe work for you the best and allow you to relax the most. It may be something like self-hypnosis, mindful meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, or even applying calming breathing techniques or yoga.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and it is your journey to discover which style is the one that you are most comfortable with, as much as it is about which proves to be the most effective in helping you control your anxiety. During your flight, you can refer to some of these techniques to help calm yourself down and reduce those uncomfortable feelings that all too often come with a panic attack.

Familiarize yourself with flying

To help yourself overcome a fear of flying, try getting some exposure to the different stages preparing to board a plane and flying gradually. When you become familiar with the routine of preparing to fly and then actually flying, you become less sensitive to the process and anxiety is less prevalent. This can be done through a flight simulator or even a tour of an airport.

Some tips that could help you may include addressing specific points of concern. If you have a particular fear such as; if the thought of takeoff and landing is something that you are scared of, you can overcome this. You could visit an airport near home and spend some time watching the planes from one of the observation areas.

If this is not possible for you, you could watch videos online if you are not near an airport. After this, if you find that there is really no reason to fear, then you will be better placed to convince yourself that flying is simply another part of normal life and that it is something which you can enjoy.

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