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3 Best Weight Loss Drinks that Work Fast

When you try to control your weight by only looking at the food you eat, you miss out on some very easy opportunities to help you lose weight quickly and easily. Many people choose to reach for an energy drink or a diet soda thinking that these will help them in their quest to battle the bulge. But these options often do more harm than good. So what are the best weight loss drinks that work fast?

Fruit juices are options that come to mind for many when wanting to lose weight and still eat and drink healthy, but these are not the kind of choice you want to make. Yes, they can be full of vitamins and minerals, but the concentration of the sugar that occurs naturally in the fruit is a much higher percentage of the portion you are consuming as a juice. Add to that the lack of fiber that normally comes with the fruit in its natural, un-juiced form, and you are getting a much larger dose of sucrose than your body is designed to process.

Next time you decide that you want to reach for a chilled juice, even freshly squeezed juice, try consuming the volume of fresh fruit and vegetables that it takes to make the juice instead. Notice that your body will only allow you to consume so much before it tells your brain to stop putting things in your mouth. Juices can be healthy, but they can also be one of the worst decisions to make when trying to lose weight.

Top Weight Loss Drinks

The following drinks are my top choices for losing weight. These will help you to stay healthy and to reduce the excess weight that you want to lose.

1. Water

Water is a natural and healthy drink that helps your body work more effectively. Our bodies are largely made of water, and there is a need to make sure that you keep well hydrated for your organs to work effectively. Quite often when you feel the hunger pains kick in, it is actually your body telling you that it needs water. 

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Don’t guzzle down gallons of water in one sitting. This will leave you feeling bloated and you will more than likely avoid drinking water as a habit because of the experience. Instead, sip a few mouthfuls of water frequently throughout the day to stay hydrated, and keep the feeling of being hungry under control.

Drinking water can also help with relieving a number of ailments, and it is one of the simplest drinks to get. Water helps to cleanse the organs and carry toxins out of the body in sweat, stools, and urine. The average person requires between 8 and 10 glasses of water per day which is between 2 and 2.5 liters of water per day. In hotter climates, this number may need to be increased in order to maintain a healthy, functioning body.

Water has no calories, so it is clearly number one on my list of the best weight loss drinks that work fast. If you struggle to drink water on its own, try adding some flavoring that will not increase the caloric intake adversely. Adding some lime or lemon juice will help kick start your digestive system, and adding honey helps to improve more than just the taste. Honey has its own natural healing properties which can be of great benefit.

Water that is at room temperature is more efficiently processed by the body and helps with better rehydration than chilled water. Hot water helps with improving gut function and accelerating bowel movements, which improves the body’s ability to flush toxins out of the system.

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberries are a great source of vitamins and they also help with reducing the impact of urinary tract infections. Many people report that a glass of cranberry juice each day has helped them with weight loss. This I suspect is the case when the cranberry juice is a substitute for a drink that is a higher sugar volume more than a result of the diuretic properties of the cranberry juice.

www.femalevenue.com - best weight loss drinks that work fast

Being such a simple drink on the list of best weight loss drinks that work fast, cranberry juice is loaded with antioxidants which help with free radicals in the body. Controlling these free radicals helps to reduce the subsequent cell damage they cause. Cranberry juice also contains acids that are believed to dissolve fats in the body, which are then flushed out through normal excrement processes.

If you choose to try drinking cranberry juice as a part of your weight loss strategy, avoid the pre-made juice in bottles that you can buy at the store which are loaded with preservatives and sugars. You would be much better off making the juice fresh. However, as I mentioned before, by drinking juice you miss out on other important parts of the fruits and vegetables used. I would rather snack on the berries and drink plenty of water. This way I get so much more value from the cranberries than just the juice.

3. Coconut Water

An alternative to dairy (milk) in the growing selection of options is coconut water. This naturally sweet choice is the new ‘go to’ for many instead of preservative and sugar loaded juices and sodas. Coconut water is certainly one of the best weight loss drinks that work fast which I have used. A word of caution with coconut water though, excessive consumption can have a laxative effect. 

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Coconut water is believed to help boost the metabolism and rehydrate quicker than normal water due to the electrolytes present in coconut water. Sufferers of abdominal ulcers are also apparently able to find relief through drinking coconut water.

Drinking one to two glasses of coconut water each day can provide a substantial energy boost. I prefer to soak 2 teaspoons of chia seeds in a cup of coconut water overnight and have this as a part of my breakfast. Chia seeds are a great source of energy, and by soaking them in the coconut water over night, you’ll get an energy boost that will carry you through the best part of the day.

You can also add blueberries and raspberries to the coconut water and allow them to soak in it over night for a different flavour. I like to use coconut water as a base for my ice cream also, it is much lower in calories, and tastes amazing!

Coconut water taken straight from the coconut is much better than bottled in places where you can easily get it. Add a dash of lime juice to the coconut water to lift the sweet and sometimes rich flavour and make it taste fresher. So you see, coconut water is a versatile option and is more than just one of the best weight loss drinks that work fast.

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