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Best Tips for Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

weight loss tips while breastfeeding

Learn best tips for weight loss while breastfeeding. It is the desire of every woman to get into shape after pregnancy.  Woman’s body becomes very weak after giving birth. So you can not put weight loss efforts like exercise and strict diet to get into shape.

Weight loss for the nursing mom is not an easy task as they are loaded with new responsibilities. As they go through lots of changes in their body. So it is advised not to go for quick weight loss while breastfeeding. Although, you can put some efforts to keep control on weight as well as shed some extra pounds. However, don’t suppose to get the pre-pregnancy figure till you are breastfeeding.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips from Kareena Kapoor

Try these tips for weight loss while breastfeeding

Take Healthy Calories 

After giving birth, the body requires lots of nutrients. To take calorie is not a bad idea while breastfeeding. It is advised to take around 1500-1800 calories per day to fulfill the deficiencies of the body. A healthy calorie diet will provide you sufficient energy to complete your weight loss goals. Starving is never a good idea. It may prove hazardous for your body.

An ample amount of calorie in your body gives energy for doing exercise. It will also ensure the fast recovery from childbirth.

Take Healthy Snacks

The role of healthy snacks is very important to keep control on your hunger pangs. It also reconstructs body post pregnancy. You may feel hunger pangs for the entire day. So always keep the handful of nuts, almond, cashews etc. So whenever you feel hunger pangs, take them in small quantity. By taking healthy food, you can lose weight without exercise.  There are many benefits of nuts for weight loss while breastfeeding.

  • It will provide you energy.
  • It will fulfill nutritional deficiency.
  • Helps in avoiding unhealthy snacks.
  • Keeps hunger pangs away.
  • Will make you feel satisfied for a long time

Eat in Intervals

Eating in intervals is the very good habit. Don’t eat at once. Take small foods on every 3 hours intervals. Although during that time, eat only healthy food. Don’t go for any kind of unhealthy snacking such as chips, fried foods, Chinese food etc.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Stay away from the habit of eating unhealthy foods. You may feel the craving for unhealthy and junk foods. It is the main cause of weight gain. If you really want to lose weight while breastfeeding, stay away from unhealthy foods & snacks. The habit of eating unhealthy food may ruin your weight loss goals.

Foods like pizza, burger, french fries, chili potato are the main reason of obesity in today’s time. Such food slows down metabolism rate.

Keep on Walking

Always keep on walking or try to stay active. Although, don’t walk very fast if you don’t feel so much of energy especially after C-section.

Don’t Sit at a Place for a Long Time

Don’t sit at a place for a long time. It will promote the fat around the belly area, especially after C-section.

Avoid Chilled Water

Avoid taking chilled water. It also promotes weight gain.

Avoid Stress

Try to remain de-stress. Stress promotes the hormonal disbalance which is the main cause of increasing fat. It is one of the very important tips for weight loss for nursing moms.

Take Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep causes stress. So it is very important to take proper sleep. However, it is difficult for nursing moms to take proper sleep because of baby sleeping timings.

Eat on Time

Eat food on time especially breakfast. Due to taking care of the small baby, many times breastfeeding mothers are not able to eat properly. Either they skip the meal or take the meal on wrong time. You can also take fast weight loss diet.

Do Some Light Excercise after consultation with doctor

Do some light exercises such as running, jumping, yoga for weight loss. Although first consult with your doctor before doing exercise. You go through stitches whether it is C-section or normal delivery. It takes some time for the recovery. So first consult with the doctor then only start doing exercise.

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