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Breastfeeding Mother Diet Plan to Lose Weight


Are you looking for the diet plan for the breastfeeding mother to lose weight? Every woman gains weight during pregnancy. Weight gain process continues even after pregnancy. You are also not allowed to do heavy exercises after delivery. So during that time, you can control weight gain & lose extra weight by choosing the right meal plan. So take weight loss diet while breastfeeding to lose weight. You can lose weight without exercise by eating the healthy diet.

So here is detail about diet for the breastfeeding mother to lose weight.

Diet for Breastfeeding Mother to Lose Weight

  • Fresh Vegetables- A breastfeeding mother should eat all types of seasonal vegetables. Although they should eat more green vegetables as it fulfills the requirement of iron.
  • Fruits- Take all seasonal fruits like guava, oranges, grapefruits etc.
  • Whole Wheat Product- Take whole wheat products like Dalia.
  • Healthy Calories- Calories is essential for nursing mom otherwise it will cause energy loss.
  • Calcium- Take dairy products like milk, yogurt etc. It will recover the loss of bone and control the weight.
  • Nuts – Eat nuts like cashew, almonds, walnuts etc. Nuts are best weight loss diet for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Eggs- Eggs fulfills the nutritional deficiency of body after childbirth.
  • Take Healthy snacks like banana chips, popcorn etc.
  • Eat Protein enriched foods for weight loss.
  • Eat High Fiber Foods for weight loss.

Best Tips for Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

Diet for Breastfeeding Mother to Lose Weight

Not only diet but the way you eat helps in fulfilling weight loss goals. There are many rules should be followed related to diet for the breastfeeding mother to lose weight. A nursing mother cannot lose weight like a normal woman. So you need to keep patience as it may take a long time. It also depends on person to person body. Never comprise with the diet for sake of losing weight. Eat all types of healthy foods as the body needs lots of nutrition for fast recovery after childbirth. Although some rules related to diet that can help in shedding extra weight & control on putting more.

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Eat in Moderation

Eat food in moderation. Eat food in every 2 hours. Don’t eat the entire food at once.

Eat Slowly

Make the habit of eating slowly. A nursing mom is so much loaded with the new responsibility that they even don’t get the time to eat properly. The habit of eating fast is the main reason for increasing weight.

Walk after Eating

Don’t go to sleep just after having lunch. Take a walk for around 20-30 minutes and then only go to bed. It helps in digesting food fast.

Avoid Junk Foods 

Always avoid junk food. It is the main reason for obesity. A breastfeeding mother should take healthy diet to lose weight. Always stay away from junk food.

Eat Only Healthy Food

Never the give chance of putting extra weight by eating unhealthy food.

Eat all types of Food 

Eat all types of food such as calorie, green vegetables, whole wheat products etc.

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