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Here is Post Pregnancy Weight Loss tips from Kareena Kapoor

kareena-kapoor-weight-loss -post-pregnancy
kareena kapoor weight loss post pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor is once again in limelight for her surprising weight loss post pregnancy. After seeing the increasing weight of Kareena Kapoor during pregnancy, we all must have thought that she will never come into shape. But she has surprised everyone with her weight loss after only a few months of pregnancy.

She is back into shape. Kareena Kapoor Post-Pregnancy weight loss is surprising for entire Bollywood fraternity.

Every Mom is eager to know about Kareena Kapoor Weight Loss after delivery. Because of the rising demand of audience, she had revealed the secret. She had put extra 18 kilos during her pregnancy. During the Facebook live chat, she had tried to give all the answers. According to her weight loss is a continuous and sustainable process. Results cannot be achieved in a day.

Kareena Kapoor size zero diet plan and exercise is not really so much size zero. She is doing it in a conventional way. She is not into hurry altogether. She doesn’t feel exhausted and tired during the process. The preference is to stay energetic while losing weight.

Kareena has never promoted extreme diet. Her celebrity dietician also believes the same. That is why now she is more glowing even after losing weight. Because she had never done the compromise with the diet. Although stay away from the unhealthy food is always the main concern for Kareena.

During the time, she had the flattering body, double chin etc. But as per Kareena told- I was never in the hurry. Extreme diet can make you two step back because of losing stamina.

Some important things which Kareena focused

Our body loses the huge amount of calcium at a single childbirth. So it is necessary to consume dairy products especially milk. The habit of drink milk daily not only controls appetite but also helps in weight loss. It also helps in reducing weight from stubborn areas such as reduce Tummy fat.

Kareena Told, she was worried after her pregnancy. She wanna get back into shape as soon as possible, even ready for dieting as during Tashan. But her dietician Rujuta had refused to do all such things because she needs proper nutrition after post pregnancy. Even Kareena had been suggested to eat rice after post pregnancy. Which is too surprising for her. But Rujuta told that after pregnancy lots of good bacteria removed from the body. So it is essential to fulfilling that requirement. It can be done by eating white rice.

During the entire discussion, both of insisted on taking good diet. Kareena and her dietician are against crash diet which many women do the mistake. After the pregnancy, the body requires lots of nutrition which can only be attained by the healthy diet. It is not good to totally avoid calorie diet. Our body requires calories, especially after pregnancy.

As already mentioned above that to lose weight is not necessary after pregnancy. You should focus on rebuilding the body and bones.

In terms of weight loss exercise, walking is the best way to lose weight after pregnancy. Post pregnancy even walking on the treadmill is not possible. According to Kareena Kapoor, you can walk 20 to 30 minutes daily. It also helps in increasing capacity of the body. Your strength will also increase. Kareena Kapoor focuses on losing weight without exercise post pregnancy.

There is no wonder that Kareena Kapoor post-pregnancy weight loss is amazing. But she opted the right way to shed extra body weight. She had never compromised with the food and good health. Because body requires lots of nutrition after post pregnancy.

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