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How to Lose Weight without Excercise?


In our day to day life, we all do lots of mistakes that can put to extra body weight. Obesity is not only concerned with exercise or dieting. There are many lifestyle traits that promote extra body weight. By bringing change in these lifestyle habits, you can lose weight without exercise. So here are techniques that lose weight fast without doing exercise.

Chew Slowly

We all want to finish everything fast while it is food. You read a lot of about weight loss exercise and weight loss foods. But have you ever concentrated on the speed of eating food. Some are naturally addicted to eating fast while some because of lack of time. But whatever the reason, you should never compromise with the food. Just be stay relaxed at the time of eating food otherwise you may put extra calories.

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Avoid Junk Food

Junk food is the main reason behind obesity. So replace junk food with healthy food. Junk food like pizza, burgers, Chinese promote to put extra body weight. It causes other health problems like constipation, acne, oily skin, low appetite, lack of energy etc. So if you want to lose weight without exercise, always stay away from Junk food. Replace it with green vegetables, nuts etc.

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Eat Only Healthy Food

As already mentioned, stay away from junk food. Make the habit of eating healthy food. Replace sugary products and unhealthy snacks with fruits, nuts and green vegetables. It is one of the best methods to lose weight without exercise.

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Avoid White Rice

We all love to eat rice. Some find dinner incomplete without eating rice. But, it is to be believed that white rice hinders weight loss. So replace white rice with brown rice. There are many recipes to cook brown rice. You can eat brown rice in dinner or lunch both to lose weight without exercise.

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Stay Away from Sugar

The overdose of sugar promotes obesity. Avoid sugar as much as you can do to get rid of weight fast. Avoid chocolates, brownies, pastries if you really to get rid of body fat and achieve perfect figure.

It is not necessary to do exercise to come into shape. By controlling diet, you can have the perfect body.

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Take Healthy Sleep

Healthy and peaceful sleep is important for good health. It is also correlated with body weight. Take the sleep of 6-8 hours. Lack of sleep causes various health problem. It is the main reason behind stress which promotes weight. If you are sleeping more then also can suffer from obesity.

Avoid Stress

Healthy mind promotes the healthy body. Stressful environment promotes the hormonal disbalance. Which results in obesity and poor health. So try to stay happy and avoid stressful conditions.

Prefer Liquid Diet

Take liquid diet like juices, milk, lots of water etc. Whenever you will feel the craving for unhealthy food, take fruit or vegetable juices. It will not only satisfy unhealthy food craving but also give you instant energy.

Take Lemon Water

Stary your day with lemon water. It will not only keep refreshing for the entire day but also be losing weight without exercise.

Don’t Sit a Long Time at a Place

Sitting a long time at a place can cause obesity and other health problems. So keep on walking.

Walk Through Stairs

Go through the lift instead of taking stairs.

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