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weight loss tips after abortion…

You can lose weight after abortion whether surgical and pills by following few rules. Abortion is done in the first stage of pregnancy. It can be done by surgical methods or pills. Sometimes, abortion is done intentionally before the development of the fetus. Or in some cases, women take initiative for the abortion.

In the both the cases, chances are an accumulation of belly fat. Some women go through overall weight gain. The weight gain after abortion depends on person to person body and the age of the fetus. Weight gain continues after abortion if you are not taking care of few things like lifestyle and diet.

                  Tips to Lose Baby Weight After Abortion 

Every woman gains weight especially around belly area whether she went through surgical or pills abortion. Although, these tips can help you to lose weight after abortion-

Follow Health Diet Plan for Weight Loss After Abortion

Always follow a healthy diet plan to lose weight.

Eat fresh fruits & vegetables. Eat all seasonal fruits such as guava, green vegetables, apples, oranges, grapes. Fruits & vegetables provide energy without putting calories. Seasonal fruits are full of vitamins and nutrients. They also fulfill nutritional deficiency after having an abortion. You can also stay fuller without having any guilt feeling. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is important for weight loss after abortion.

Always avoid Low-Calorie Diet. Street and junk food are full of calories that promote weight gain. There are many healthy foods that contain calories. You can have these foods. Such calorie foods are dried fruit & fruit juices, whole grains, milk, dairy, and eggs.

Right eating habits also help in weight loss after abortion. Eat food on right time and right way with eating the right food. Follow eating habits like eating in moderation, chew slowly etc. Take small foods in 2-4 hours duration instead of having at once. Eat food while you are relaxed. You are doing the blunder if eat the right food in the wrong manner.

Starving is wrong to lose belly fat after surgical or pill abortion. Your body gone through loss so focus on recovery first. Eat the high-fiber diet and avoid junk food. It will control appetite automatically, so you will eat less.

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Do Excercise 

Exercise is very important to lose weight after abortion. Although, do only simple exercise after the consultation of your doctor. You can also walk daily if not feeling enough energy for exercise. There are many benefits of walking to lose weight.

Don’t start any kind of exercise just after abortion. First, give some time for recovery. Once you start feeling the energy, then only do exercise.

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