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Top Weight Loss Success Stories Before and After

Looking for the weight loss success stories and wondering how they did it? So ladies and gentleman it is not a rocket science to lose weight. Yes anyone can get flat tummy and a shaped body. After reading these weight loss success stories with before and after pictures, you will achieve new confidence level to lose weight.

Weight loss is not a thing that you will decide one day, and start achieving results from next day. It starts  with the spirit of not giving up even after spending hours for weight loss exercises and following strictly weight loss diet plan . We bring for you Indian weight loss success stories from your style icons that is bollywood stars. Yes many of your bollywood stars used to be fatty. But now they are enjoying fabulous figure because of right efforts and dedication. 

Weight Loss Success Story of Alia Bhatt



weight loss success story of Alia bhatt

The slim trim next door girl was not stunning before her entry into Bollywood. Her weight was hindering her to enter into Bollywood. But she was firm on her decision for her Bollywood entry. So she started to work on her weight loss plan. And finally she got the success for which Alia was also not sure. Her weight loss success story can be seen in her debut Movie Student of the Year. 

Weight Loss Success Story of Sonam Kapoor 
sonam kapoor weight loss success story

This Indian celebrity is known for her perfect figure and style sense. But she never thought of entering into Bollywood because of her obesity. She was totally opposite what she looks today. It was Sanjay Leela Bhansali who have proposed to work for her movie. From where she got the inspiration and start her successful weight loss journey. And the result everyone knows. She looked stunning in her first movie Swaariya. Now you must want to know how anyone can bring so many of changes in her personality. She did lot of hard work to achieve such perfect body shape.

She followed healthy and fast weight loss diet plan and performed weight loss yoga and exercises.

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Successful Weight Loss of Adnan Sami

Adnani Sami has surprised everyone by her quick weight loss success story. It was not easy to did it because he was more than normal obese person. No one has expected such a surprising weight loss from Adnan. He believes that it is dedication and weight loss motivation that keeps you going. Although nothing can replace the right efforts done into this direction. You have to gain proper self control on yourself according Adnan. Otherwise you will miss the opportunity to became flat from fat.

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Indian Weight Loss Success Story of Kareena Kapoor

There was a time when her flabby figure was hindering her success but she surprised her fans as well as opponents with her fab figure in movie Tashan. She appeared in stunning avatar in her movie after shedding all extra calories. The movie remains into discussion because of the zero figure of Kareena Kapoor. She brought the trend of Zero Figure. But due to some critical acclamation, she put few more kg after this movie. But after that, she never get overweight. Every time she look fabulous in  her movies. But in this Weight Loss success story of Indian celebrity, yoga was the main focus. Yes she did yoga for weight loss under her trainer Rujuta Diwekar. Kareena given emphasis on yoga form Surya Namaskar for Weight Loss .  Kareena believes in end number of benefits of yoga for women besides weight loss. She found that yoga improves her overall health as well as cravings for unhealthy foods. There was a time when she used to do 100 Surya Namaskar in a day which is not easy as sounds. Besides yoga, diet is also one of the main weight loss secrets of Kareena Kapoor .

Zareen Weight Loss Success Story

Zareen Khan has surprised her fans by posting her old pic from college days when used to be unrecognizable. Really all her fans got shocked after watching this picture of Zareen which see posted on social media for the conveying the message for no to body shaming.

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Before entering into Bollywood, she reduced huge weight. Although, currently she is not very slim or need to achieve more.  For which, she is still doing efforts. she has to go a long way to get slim figure like today’s style icons Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor. Although such transformation was not so easy for her. She had to perform lot of hardwork, control on diet and gym sessions. 

Weight Loss Success Story of Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha weight loss success story

Two times, she has surprised her fans with her weight loss. Before her entry into bollywood, she was around 80 Kg. But still she referred as obese. Her weight loss journey not ended after entering into Bollywood. Recently Sonakshi has shed some more weight and start looking fabulous.

After reading this incredible weight loss success story of Sonakshi , you must desire to know her secrets. She followed the basic weight loss tips with continuity and got the good results.


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