Reliable Sources of Collagen for Vegans and Non-Vegans

Reliable Sources of Collagen for Vegans and Non-Vegans -

High quality and reliable sources of collagen for Vegans can be very hard to come by. This is because we understand that collagen is abundant in animals, and rare in vegetables. But that is not to say that it is some impossible feat to find a source of collagen that Vegans, and non-Vegans can use and feel good about. The secret is that this source of collagen for Vegans comes from seaweed. And the best thing about this is that you can get it almost anywhere!

Why is Collagen so Important?

Collagen is a protein found throughout the human (and animal) body. As we age, our body slows down its production of collagen, which becomes mostly noticeable in a few ways that we don’t really like, such as:

  • Skin sagging
  • The appearance of fine lines
  • The appearance of wrinkles, and
  • The development of cellulite

The reduction of collagen in our bodies is not limited to only looking older, it also shows up with many ailments including aching joints and muscles. You body needs collagen to support healthy connective tissue as a key function.

What are the Benefits of Consuming Collagen?

You don’t need to be of any particular ideological position to benefit from Nature’s amazing sources of collagen for Vegans and non-Vegans. The benefits of consuming collagen can be much more impactful than you might first think. As this protein supports a healthy body it can be attributed to improving things such as:

  • Heart health
  • Muscle mass
  • Joint health
  • Reduction of bone loss
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Helping with the pain related symptoms caused by arthritis, osteoporosis, and other degenerative complications
  • Strengthening and stimulating hair and nail growth
  • Improving gut health, and
  • Boosting the metabolism to promote weight loss

We are typically encouraged to eat superfoods and antioxidants-rich foods to promote collagen production. Along with that we are also encouraged to avoid things that can play havoc with our body’s ability to maintain collagen levels, such as:

  • Caffeine
  • Ultra Violet rays
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Chronic stress, and
  • Exposure to free radicals

Interestingly, some people claim that collagen supplements also do a lot to improve mental health through reducing stress on the body in a number of areas. However, further research is needed to confirm these claims on collagen improving mental health conditions.

How can Sources of Collagen for Vegans be Consumed?

Collagen can be consumed as a supplement or added to shakes and smoothies. However, the source of your collagen, when using seaweed, should be fresh or dried. Baked seaweed is not a suitable source of collagen for Vegans or non-Vegans. Once the seaweed has been baked, almost all of the enzymes, minerals and protein have been destroyed. It is effectively dead at this point and will do much less for you than if it were fresh or naturally dried.

Foods and supplement products containing collagen are usually derived from animal sources, such as bone, organs, and animal skin. These clearly don’t fit the cruelty free ethos, and are therefore not suitable sources of collagen for Vegans.

What about Collagen in Cosmetics?

Cosmetic products can also be manufactured to contain suitable collagen for Vegans, which when applied topically will do a lot to improve the skins elasticity and hydration. Most cosmetic companies will use bovine (beef) collagen in their products.

This is typically because it’s cheap and easy to get. Bovine collagen is extracted from the bones, cartilage, hides and organs of the animals to make collagen extracts for cosmetics. Some cosmetic and supplement companies will use collagen from sources such as:

  • Eggs whites
  • Egg shells
  • Shellfish
  • Fish scales
  • Fish bones, and
  • Fish guts

You should avoid any cosmetic products, or supplements, if you have allergies to any of the items above. Collagen extracted from marine sources, such as shellfish, is much easier for the human body to absorb. This collagen is suitable for vegetarians, but what about collagen for vegans?

Are there Sources of Collagen for Vegans in Cosmetics?

For many years, collagen for Vegans has been virtually non-existent, whether in cosmetics or supplements. When looking at most products containing collagen, the extract is not suitable for Vegans. However, collagen for Vegans is now a reality.

High end cosmetic companies have realised the value in using collagen in their products, but these are largely sourced from animal products. Where quality products are made using seaweed to extract collagen there is a much better rate of absorption by the skin. The human body is able to assimilate plant based collagen more effectively than animal based collage. Plant based sources of collagen for Vegans is what Just Nourish Me offers in their Marine Collagen Serum.

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