How Vegan Collagen Sources Can Improve Your Skin

How Vegan Collagen Sources Can Improve Your Skin -

I’ve recently been researching products looking for Vegan collagen sources. Apparently, it’s incredibly difficult to find good quality supplements or cosmetics which do not contain animal products. But I’m guessing I don’t need to tell you that, as you’ve clicked on this article in your own search for Vegan collagen sources.

As a vegan I have chosen this way of life to reduce my impact on the planet and improve my own health. Initially, I found it difficult to eliminate chemicals and animal-free products from my diet and the range of cosmetic products I used. However, after some diligent investigation I found a number of products that are my ‘go-to’ choices now which include some amazing Vegan collagen sources.

So, why do I, as a Vegan, bother with all of this effort? I’m only one person after all. In short, I care about the environment and try to use products which are cruelty free, organic, and won’t harm our environment. For example, were you aware that some cosmetic companies use plastic microbeads in their toothpastes? And that some exfoliant products, like some face wash and body wash also use these plastic microbeads in them too?

Where do the manufacturers of these products think that plastic goes? Yup, straight down the drain and out into the waterways. They are too small to be identified and captured in the water detention and processing systems, so they ultimately end up in our waterways.

It’s not just the fact that these end up in the waterways that is an issue. Fish and crustaceans consume these microbeads, quite possibly as they think this is food. The impact that this has on the environment is much bigger than many of could quite possibly imagine. With that being said, I firmly believe that the more I learn, the more I feel I find validation and internal consensus about my decision to become Vegan.

Yikes! I’m digressing from the point of telling you about Vegan collagen sources, sorry. But this is another valid point I might have to come back to at a later time; choosing products which are environmentally friendly. I think it’s just as important to be mindful about what products you put on your skin, as what you consume. Coming back to my research, and products that contain collagen for Vegans…

What is it that collagen does?

It turns out that collagen production reduces in our bodies as we get older, which is why people experience sagging skin, and wrinkles. Believe me when I say collagen provides heaps of other great health benefits as well.

Collagen is the protein in our skin that helps to give it a balanced framework to support elasticity, and plumpness, otherwise idealised as that youthful complexion. It plays an important part in supporting the health of the dermis, which is the layer of skin that sits under the epidermis. It is on this complex protein framework that the elastin is distributed.

Without a maintained supply of collagen your skin begins to lose form. The elastin is unable to be distributed evenly as it naturally would be, and your skin begins to sag, and wrinkles and lines form. So, keeping up with a supply of collagen is important for maintaining skin health, and I prefer to seek out Vegan collagen sources.

Where can I get Vegan collagen sources from?

If you are taking collagen supplements, your body will use the collagen you ingest for primary, life supporting functions as its main objective. After all, your body wants to keep you alive, and it will do so at the expense of the nutrients that would otherwise be directed to your hair, skin, and nails.

Strangely enough, taking a collagen supplement doesn’t actually increase the natural collagen production in your body. You’ll see the benefits of these supplements while you’re taking them, but it’s temporary.

Given that your body will use collagen in the organs, ligaments, and connective tissue before it sends any to your skin, we need to think about how to improve the delivery of collagen to your skin. But this should be more long term than options such as taking Botox injections. Not that I would be endorsing Botox injections, just not my thing.

A more effective way to get collagen directly to the skin is through topical applications. However, there aren’t many collagen sources in this area that I feel comfortable using. Finding a manufacturer that relies upon Vegan collagen sources is not that easy. There are a lot of marine collagen products on the market, but they are animal based. More on that a little later.

What options for Vegan collagen sources are there?

Some of the marine plants, like various species of seaweed, Kelp, Irish Sea Moss, and algae are good for you. Marine vegetables such as Irish Sea Moss are Nature’s collagen factories. In fact, you can use fresh raw Irish Sea Moss as a Vegan substitute for gelatin in raw foods, cheeses, deserts, sauces, and more.

This Irish Sea Moss ticks so many boxes for me. It is high in vitamins and minerals, nutrient dense, gluten-free, dairy-free, and is by far the best of Vegan collagen sources around. If you are enjoy making your own products from scratch then this could be right up your alley.


The challenge with this product is, it’s going to take a lot of time and work. You have to soak it for several hours, and wash it thoroughly, blend it, and then refrigerate if for several hours before you can use it. That’s great if you have the required time and patience. Personally, I don’t have the time for this sort of thing. I just want something simple I can use which won’t cost too much.

Vegan collagen skin care options

So, I’ve been researching cosmetics containing products that are honestly Vegan collagen sources, all in an effort to prevent the effect of ageing. Some of the products available on the market are crazy expensive. I’m talking about 30 ml costing $60 plus! That’s upwards of $2.00 per 1 ml (approximately 1 drop), and I don’t know if I can justify this.

Recently, I received news from a friend about a new product which is coming onto the market. It’s only $120.00 for 100 ml. That’s very affordable by comparison when I look at all the other products I found on Amazon, E-bay, and other websites.

My searching for products containing Vegan collagen sources is over. Made from seaweed, the collagen in this product is extracted from organic ingredients, and its cruelty free. Finally, a Marine Collagen for Vegans! So, who is the wonderful company about to launch their secret weapon? Just Nourish Me! I have already registered for the pre-launch so that I can order my Marine Collagen Serum. I can’t wait to try it. I’ll report in after my first 30 days and let you know how I go.

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