5 Ways to Appear Instantly More Confident


5 ways to look more confident instantly

Beyond any outfit, confidence is truly the sexiest thing you can wear. Of course, with life’s daily toils and media pressure, it’s not always easy to hold our chins up. Fortunately, confidence is buildable, like a muscle that needs to be used in order to get bigger and stronger. So, if you’re craving that lit-from-within glow that makes you feel incredible, learn these 5 ways to instantly look more confident!

Dress to Impress

Putting your best face forward usually starts with your style, a combination of attitude and fashion. When you combine these two unstoppable forces, you lay claim over a sexier and more impressive persona.

In truth, the way we dress and the vibes we give off, send silent messages about the type of person you are, suggests Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire.

Think about the man who struts into work everyday with a tailored blazer and snazzy trousers, or the woman who dazzles in elegant blouses and point-toe stilettos—these are the people who steal the show and appear attractive.

By becoming more conscious about your impression, you can instantly become more appealing to others. This self-improvement will make you feel more confident and sparkly, which transmits a positive energy that merges into your everyday interactions.

Smile more

Another important way to seem more confidence is to smile. Simple, right? When you’re always smiling, you’ll radiate a positive vibe and exude charm, making you adorably pleasant to be around. Smiling is also vital on dates as men are more attracted to happy women.

As neuroscientist, Psychologist John Micheals explains, “you’re setting the face into a more positive position, which can innately cause you to feel happier.” So, in essence, a smile helps create both inner and outer beauty!

Good Posture is Confidence Personified

Mama knew best when she told you to sit upright. Holding your body into a straighter position signals confidence and self-worth. On the other hand, slumping or slouching over indicates insecurity, even if that isn’t the case.

What I’ve learned over time is that the person that appears confident is often not as confident as they appear. They just simply do a few things well. They walk in a way that appears confident. Their eyes seem alert. They stand tall,” explains Trent Hamm, lifestyle expert. So, basically, even if you’re not feeling 100% up to par some days, never let this show up in your body language. Always keep your chin up!

Ace your Makeup

Just like having great taste in restaurants or clothes, your makeup choices should reflect the same level of care. Everyday, you should aim to put your best face forward, filling yourself up with the confidence of knowing you look presentable. If you’re lazy with your beauty routine, you won’t look or feel on point, and surely you can do better.

Never feel like you’re too busy or too above social pressure to put that extra effort into your looks. It’s worth it to feel dazzling, and yes, you’ll feel more confident! As a wise woman once said, “makeup is confidence applied directly to the face”. At the risk of sounding shallow, maybe this woman was on to something…

Be on Jerk Alert

Nothing’s more of a confidence buster than a jerky date. We’re talking about guys who are smug, arrogant and completely selfish. It’s these guys who think they’re god’s gift and answer their phone while you’re talking or always boast about getting attractive women. Shame! These guys are so toxic to a woman’s self-esteem—avoid them at all costs!

You may have come across a few of these duds in your life. No matter how much you try to forget them, they somehow always leave a little dent in your pride. Don’t let your confidence take the hit; if you know a guy’s bad news, don’t try to change him or wait for him to magically grow a heart—just opt out, fast!

Ultimately, having confidence teaches you to love yourself no matter what. The more you show signs of outer confidence, the better you’ll feel on the inside. Try it and see!

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