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Hay Diet, Blood Type Diet and Other Different Types of Diets

In our previous article in this series that explored the speculation surrounding ‘Robert Costa weight loss‘, I explained that I believe that there are more benefits that come from simply making healthier choices in your diet. Here we will take a look at some of the different types of diets which have been built on what are believed to be healthier ways to eat, rather than starving yourself.

A number of interesting eating plans have hit the market over the years, some with a greater degree of success and others with an understandably lesser degree of success. These many different types of diets included some of the following.

Food Combining

Originally the Hay Diet, this is based on the simple rules of not mixing carbohydrates with protein, and only eating fruit on an empty stomach. This has been useful for those who suffer from digestive problems as well as in weight loss. In fact, some people think of this as a way of life and have adopted this approach to eating to their benefit.

However, most nutritionists believe that combining carbohydrates and protein is not a cause of weight gain in the first place. Other different types of diest which have become popular have concentrated on restricting carbohydrate heavy foods.

The Atkins Diet

Dr. Robert Atkins eponymous Atkins Diet is seen as the most aggressive of these. And, while apparently successful in the short-term, it has been criticized over its long-term effects.

Some may recall during the series X-Factor, that Lesley Kenton unveiled a modification to the Atkins Diet, where she had taken into account the carbohydrate focused approach to the then fast increasing insulin dependency which has been consistently growing in the western world.

The Blood Type Diet

Perhaps the most interesting of eating programmes for optimal health is the Blood Type Diet as formulated by Dr. Peter D’Adamso. He believes that we all have different metabolic needs, where one person’s meat is another person’s poison. This is largely based on the premise that people of certain blood types will thrive and feel better on certain foods. This means that you have to eat the foods that align with your specific blood type group.

Another variation of this philosophy is found in metabolic typing, which suggests that people have different metabolisms and therefore have different nutritional needs. I can see a lot of synergy in those two principles.

As you do your own research online, you’ll find that there are many other different types of diets, and supporting guidance materials to further explain these is often easily accessible. Taking steps in this direction are ones that I would prefer over more invasive strategies.

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