Robert Costa Weight Loss Speculation; Just Healthy Choices?

There has been a lot of speculation in the very recent weeks around the topic of ‘Robert Costa weight loss’ and if Robert Costa has had weight reduction surgery, or is on some kind of weight loss pills. Given that, in our last article we explored the topic of appetite suppressants and if weight loss pills really do work, we’re not going to add to that speculation.

Instead, we are going to consider that there may simply have been a choice on Robert Costa’s part to simply make healthier choices. To give this some perspective, I want to share with you a few things about making some simple, healthier choices.

Through the eighties and the nineties, the message was that we should eat well but cut out the fatty foods. For some diet gurus, fats were to be avoided like the plague. Less harsh programmes demanded an extreme restriction of calorie intake. Low-fat diets were successful in bringing about weight loss for many people.

However, nutritional science now suggests that they result in us not getting enough of the essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6, which are needed for body and mind to function efficiently.

The right kind of fat is good for both physical and mental health. Too little fat in the diet can contribute to depressive states of mind. It has also been suggested that low-fat diets leave you feeling hungry and with cravings so that you ultimately consume more. And two low-fat chocolate puddings instead of one somehow defeats the object.


I remember quite vividly trying to help my Aunt who has struggled with her weight for quite a long time during the mid-1990s with a dilemma in this area. Her sudden change to low-fat foods had seen a skewed rationale come with it. She had somehow reasoned that because there was 90% less fat in the treats she was having that she could justifiably have two or three times as much without the impact of the full-fat version of those treats.

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What she had not taken into account was that the volume of sugars that were in those low-fat treats. Some were loaded up with three times the sugar, which meant that as she was doubling down on her treats, she was also doubling down on the amount of sugar that she was consuming.

After sharing this with her she was in a heightened degree of denial, which, for a woman who is a chocoholic, that’s not an easy thing to confront. This got me to thinking more about the Robert Costa weight loss topic, and for all of the privacy that surrounds his ironically public life, Robert Costa may well have taken a look at things in his life and decided to choose the healthier road.

A work colleague of mine did surprisingly well when he stopped drinking Coca-cola and eating pies for breakfast. Not the healthiest of diet habits you would agree. But, in the life of a busy person, there are times when the least healthy choices are the easiest choices. After a few short weeks of cutting back, largely on the sugary foods and drinks, he dropped 10 kilograms.

It could be that this is just what people are seeing with the Robert Costa weight loss buzz. Maybe Robert Costa hasn’t had invasive surgery or isn’t taking some wonder drug, and he’s just eating healthier and taking better care of himself. In the next article in this series, we will have a look at some of the different types of diets and the marketing strategies that have been cleverly used behind these.

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