Weight Loss Benefits of Brown Rice


weight loss benefits of brown rice

You can eat brown rice for weight loss. There are many things to prove weight loss benefits of brown rice. It is great source of protein and fiber. It also contains healthy nutrients for body. Brown rice is perfect option of rice lover who want to lose weight. It is tasty and healthy low calorie diet.

 How Brown Rice Helps in Losing Weight?

Brown helps in weight loss. The reasons are as follows for this fact-

 Contains Low Density

It is low calorie and energy diet. Brown Rice keeps you fuller for long time. It keeps you full for long time. Few servings of brown makes you feel full. You can start your meal with brown rice.

There are some studies done regarding the impact of density of food on weight. Two group of women divided. First group was given low density food. Second group was given high density food. It was found that who consumed high density gained more weight.

 Rice Source of Fiber

 Digestion problems also hinder weight loss. Due rice source of fiber, brown rice helps in weight loss.  It is also improves metabolism rate.

Can Be Detox Diet

You can also have brown rice as detox diet. You can have seven day brown rice diet as cleansing and detox. It removes toxins from body. You should not only depend on brown rice as detox diet. Consult with healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet.

Also Helps to Diabetic Patient

Diabetic is main reason for weight gain. Brown rice contributes in weight loss by controlling diabetics. It releases sugar in slow motion.

Low Calorie Diet

Brown rice is low calorie diet. So you can eat without caring about weight gain. It is great source of whole grain and other nutrition. You can enjoy other health benefits of brown rice with  weight loss.

Nutritional Value of Brown Rice

 Amount Per  100 grams 1 cup (195 g) 100 grams

 Calorie – 111

Contains-  Sodium, Potassium, Protein, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, C, D, B-6, B-12,  Iron, Magensium


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