Breast Tightening Exercise- Exercise for Sagging Breast

Sagging breasts are the common problem of the certain age. It also caused due to breastfeeding. Exercise has the great role to play in tightening breast. There are many forms of exercises such as pullovers, wall pushups, and swimming.

 Best Breast Tightening Excercise

Push Ups 

Push Ups are one of the best breast tightening exercise. You should perform 10-15 push-ups daily. There are many benefits of push ups for female as well as male such as Increases functional strength via full body activation, muscle stretching, enhances the cardiovascular system, improves posture etc.

How to Perform Push-Ups to Cure Sagging Breasts?


push ups for breast tightening

The picture clearly describes the method to perform push-ups.

1- Make the position as described in step-1.

2- Now lay down till your breast touch the floor.

3- Follow the same process for at least 8-10 times in the day.

It is one of the best breast tightening exercise that will strengthen muscle naturally. It will improve the shape of the breast.


It is one of the best breast firming exercises. It naturally uplifts breast. There are many benefits of doing pullover such as cures back pain, improves flexibility and improves the breast shape, However, the female should take heavy weight dumbbell for doing pullover if not looking for muscle building. Take the gym instructor advice before doing pullover to cure sagging breasts.

How to Perform Pullovers for Breast Tightening?


  • Lay down on the chair as given in the picture.
  • Keep straight both of your hand.
  • Now take down hand and stretch your hands.
  • Practice it 5-6 times in the morning.

Wall Push Ups 


wall push up for breast tightening

Wall push ups are an effective method to strengthen your body. It works on the entire body such as helps to you get stronger arms, check, abs, back and shoulders. There are some tips for performing wall push-ups properly.

Methods to perform wall push ups are as follows-

1- First stand in front of the wall, hand straight in front of the wall. Also, keep your palm on the wall.

2- Now bent towards the wall.

3- Keep doing it for 8-10 times.


Swimming is also an effective breast tightening exercise. It is one of the best cardio exercises which requires proper hand and leg movement. It also strengthens and tightens muscles. Perform swimming at least one hour in a day.






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